Bathbombs have arrived!

Batch bombs available in 4 different fragrances
Beautiful bathbomb and bath dust, long lasting fizz, tones and bubbles and fun fragrances.

Unscented Hajj & Ummrah Kits

Fully unscented essentials for pilgrimage to Mecca

Hand Crafted Luxury

Choose from 5 different fragrances
Lavender, pomegranate & fig, oudh & thyme, cucumber & Aniseed, Blackseed & honey

100% Halal & Tayibb

As muslims, it's important to consume only halal & tyibb food, and skincare shouldn't be any different. Luuna Skin is on a mission to make sure we deliver a halal alternative to the mainstream.

Made with natural ingreidnets

We love herbs, and our soaps are bursting with skin loving ingreidnets to nourish and care for your skin.

A touch of luxury

From the formulation right down to the delivery box, there is a touch of eminance in every drop of Luuna Skin to make you feel like a queen.

Hand crafted with love

Handmade with precision,  every product created is steeped in tender love and care just for you.



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